Featuring a wide
selection of
breads, pastries,
cakes, bagels
and pies
   Bacher Rye, Jewish lite rye, hunters pumpernickel,  Bavarian  farmers rye, San Francisco sour dough,
      crusty Italian, eurograin, french baguette, rustic french, Vienna style hard rolls, challah egg bread
      cracked and whole wheat, 100% whole wheat, 7 grain , traditional white buttercrust, English muffin,             low salt

  assorted fruit, cinnamon, and pecan Danish, a large variety of yeast and cake donuts, muffins, scones, filled        and plain croissants, coffee cakes

  cream puffs, cream horns, brownies, cheese cakes, carrot cakes, German chocolate cakes, petitfours, tortes,             bar cakes(lemon, fudge and rainbow), rum cakes, eclairs, cannolis, cup cakes

  8" 9" 10" 12" layer cakes 1/4  1/2 and full sheet cakes available in yellow, chocolate and white also              available in half yellow and chocolate
      cakes for all occasions, holidays and weddings

   tea cookies, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, pecan sandies, butter cookies, fruit bars, chocolate chip,             almond macaroons, chocolate lace Florentines

Shaped Cookies
  smiley face, flower, black and whites, peace, princess, baby shower, monogram, wedding shower, also a             large assortment of holiday, special occasion, and custom design cookies

Come visit our bakery to indulge in our large variety of  many other
  freshly made from scratch items